A little about me...

You are a DEVIL you love ANIMALS you love SHINY THINGS and LYING and you HATE IT when men arent SIX FOOT EIGHT CATHOLIC CANNIBALS - my friend Zeke

Hello again! I am an aspiring computer programmer and storyteller. I usually use the internet to share my stories and goof off/keep up with friends, and I hope to be able to amp that up on here, on my own personal blog. Ideally, this will be a place (along with my general oc blog) where I can store my ideas & concepts for future projects, as well as express myself. I actually was planning to delete all social media in two years' time; although due to the current social climate of a social media being practically required to get attention/jobs in any way, I am rethinking this.

I also want to practice coding. My main goal (wrt coding) is to use html & css as much as possible to get as fluent as I can, as well as learning Javascript and Python before the end of this summer.

An in-depth description of my stories can be found here. Keep in mind that this website is a work in progress and that it is very text heavy! I'm a bit too busy to draw my OCs and a little too short on money to commission anyone. :P

I think that's the basics...if you do want to know even more about me...well explore my blog then! :3

My friends!