My Blog!

Just some standards I want to set for myself.

  1. No extreme quantifiers - I have a habit of predicting all the ways my thoughts could be misinterpreted. As a result I tend to ramble and lose track of my thoughts. Since this is my personal blog, I want to worry over my words less. If an issue comes up, I trust that I will be contacted in good faith.
  2. No venting - I will not use this space to spread undue personal negativity. This does not mean I will be always positive (I think some complaining is good and natural), but I will keep my personal life issues to a minimum. The focus here is my stories.
  3. Have fun - The most important rule!

This is where I'll put my personal thoughts. I'm hoping to focus on storytelling and my original characters, but don't be surprised if random thoughts do happen from time to time.

My goal is to post something at least once a week. I may switch this to once a month depending on how well that pans out.


Lorem ipsum dolor etc etc. Um testing this thing out have to figure out how to write a paragraph. The quick fox jumped over the lazy brown dog. I love watermelon. I hate watermelon. Milk is cool. I should find a copypasta or something. Typing typewriter wowie wow wow lalala She sells seashells on the seashore

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