My To-Do list on my oc blog HAS helped me solidify what I want to do, so something similar would help me here I think.

I think the main thing is I do NOT want my blog to be a perpetual ~work in progress~.

What that means for me is that once the core function of this site (aka to provide a venue for my personal thoughts (aka. to be a blog)) is created and fully decorated, I am going to consider this site "complete." Anything else after that will be a project.

This means, of course, that logically, creating my blog should be my first priority. Emotionally though, I would like to get my magpie and tamandua pages up first. My friends' stories sections are also a priority, but I think I will make them lower, as my own OC blog is still in progress (mainly cosmetic ones now though!) & I still have to decide how I want to incorporate all of their wonderful stories. (sorry if any of you somehow see this)

One thing I want to keep in mind wrt design is this website. I do want to decorate this area, but also I want to prioritize readability, efficiency, and eyestrain/flashing over all else. I will be honest, I don't hold much nostalgia for the old web, but I also don't want to be "Google homepage" about it either.

I think my main plan for now is to have my blog section as streamlined as possible (maybe using my OC blog as a template; while also keeping it unique from that), and then go more outside the box with my shrines/projects. I will probably rely on JavaScript for that, which goes along with my plans to learn it more. :)

I want my website to have three themes: a high contrast version, a low contrast version, and a "dark mode" all for accessibility. High contrast hurts my eyes, so I will likely have the low contrast version be the "default." However, I know that many others are helped by high contrast, and then a dark mode just in case (this one will probably also be high contrast).

Once that's done, I can get started on my (space-themed) dark mode page! I would prefer to do high contrast first, but I don't have any theme ideas for that...hmmm maybe it could be bird-themed/cloud themed? I'm pretty sure I can get these themes up and running though; I just need to code a script in Js that replaces the css stylesheet link in my html with another link!