A "TV Show" centered around a dubious toy company, being made in collaboration with my friend Zeke!


 Percy Rhee has a good life, with a good job, a good sister, and an okay coworker. However, a chance encounter with a psych professor, Ottone, threatens to change his cosy life - forever.


Percy Rhee: He neglects his family for his workplace. As one of the higher level employees, he has bought into the idea of work as life, a corporation that cares. Of course, the company does not care for everyone, but that is the fault of the worker. Always.

Titus: What happens when an employee fails their duty? Titus knows the answer. He lives for the company, buying its toys and mascots with the salary he sheds blood and tears to get.

Alex Rhee: Percy's headstrong sister, she lives with him and is his sole connection to the family. She is tired of serving as an intermediary however, and is focusing all her skills into journalism. She is currently in college for this career, and excelling at it - due to a penchant for poking her nose into areas where she doesn't belong...

Ottone Leone: Alex's psychology professor, he used to specialize in children and likes to joke that "college really isn't that different." Deeply spiritual and very expressive, a certain uptight company man has caught his eye...

Elk Cho: A high-level employee at a rival toy company, Elk enjoys the finer things in life - which doesn't include work. He's recently attracted a secret admirer...although he still doesn't know it. :3