Road Trip to Hell



Emery, an ex-college student, hits a man with her car while fleeing campus. At the same time, Adia, a burnt-out singer trying to keep a low profile, bumps into a nice lady while going to her hotel room. Unbeknownst to either of them, they will soon be embroiled in a cat-and-mouse chase that will take them far away from home and further away from themselves.

  Road Trip to Hell takes place in a world where magic exists, as a force of nature, rather than something unexplained. It is a type of energy, and generally follows the laws of thermodynamics. Through a genetic quirk, some animals - and people - are able to manipulate magical energy, by converting it from some other type of energy. While this is the rule of the world, it is not necessarily well-known, and many believe that magic is some sort of supernatural force due to its esoteric and uncontrollable nature.

  Out of that belief has risen hysteria and fear, and one unfortunate result of this is a self-proclaimed “monster hunter,” who wants to rid the world of the evil and unnatural. She has her current sights set on Cherry, a jaded man who just wants to be left alone to mourn his late friend. The ensuing chase has led them from Europe to the United States, where Cherry hopes he could possibly disappear into. Unfortunately, The Friend is still hot on his heels.

  When Cherry gets hit by a car, he views it not as an accident, but rather an opportunity. He hijacks Emery’s car, but is dismayed to find himself an unwitting partner-in-crime. On the hunter’s end, she is temporarily “led astray” when she meets Adia, losing track of her “mission” in an effort to befriend the singer. Soon though, she has returned to her old ways, forcibly looping Adia into her mindset and world.

  Now these two women must attempt to navigate their way through - and out - the culmination of a hunt that’s been decades in the making.


Adia: Even-tempered but easily nervous, Adia was a mildly popular singer. After a very public breakdown - that's gone more viral than her songs - she's taking a short break from...everything to clear her mind and maybe her name.

Emery: Flighty and twitchy, Emery has a habit of reacting before thinking. Originally enrolled at a small university (much to her parent's disappointment), Emery has decided to take an impromptu gap year after her cheating was discovered.

"The Friend": Cheerful enough, but with a sharp temper, the Friend is on the hunt.

Cherry: Unfriendly and constantly on-edge, Cherry is being hunted.